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12 meals to assist cut back bloating – Cleveland Clinic

Ugh. Your swollen stomach is like an inflated balloon about to burst. An inconvenience can hardly describe your unfolding belly disaster. There should be a option to discover reduction, proper?

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The reply is sure, and the answer may be in your pantry or in your fridge. Sure meals may help cut back bloating by addressing the digestive points behind the disagreeable scenario, says Registered Dietitian Beth Cervoni, MS, RD, CSOWM, LD.

So let’s head to the kitchen to see what’s in inventory.

How Sure Meals Can Cut back Bloating

What’s fueling all this bloating? That is most definitely because of inside fuel that builds up within the viscera because of constipation. “The whole lot froze,” says Chervoni. “The poop simply sits there, ferments and allows you to know it is there.”

You may transfer ahead by altering what you eat and drink. Two large keys? Be sure to have fiber-rich meals in your plate and that you’re consuming sufficient water.

Why Fiber?

Fiber helps meals move via the digestive tract on the appropriate charge. It is vitally essential. If the method is just too sluggish, the feces will harden and grow to be constipated. Whether it is too quick, diarrhea will consequence.

Two sorts of fiber assist you keep on schedule:

  • Soluble fiber varieties a sticky gel in your digestive tract that slows down the passage of meals via your physique. It will assist give the meals quantity and make it a little bit tougher.
  • Insoluble fiber retains water, making stools softer and lighter.

(Need to know extra in regards to the distinction between the 2? Study extra right here.)

How does hydration assist?

Fluids work hand in hand with fiber to maintain your digestive system working correctly. Conserving your physique hydrated offers water that softens stools. “In case your faeces are dry and laborious, it is going to be harder to push them out,” says Cervoni.

So what meals may help battle bloating?

An abundance of meals can assist intestine well being and environment friendly digestion. Everybody brings one thing completely different to the method, offering the required vitamins to take care of a fancy system.

Listed here are a dozen issues Chervoni suggests in your procuring checklist to maintain bloating in verify.


When it comes to fiber content material, few entire grains can rival quinoa. Edible seeds comprise almost twice as a lot fiber as most different grains, making them a strong engine within the digestive system.

As these 4 scrumptious recipes present, it is also extremely versatile.


This staple breakfast is sort of nearly as good as quinoa with regards to fiber to battle constipation. Beginning your morning with oatmeal will even assist you begin pooping earlier within the day, washing away the leftovers from yesterday.

Inexperienced tea

Along with boosting hydration ranges, inexperienced tea acts as a pure laxative, clearing your tubes. It additionally provides many different well being advantages, prompting Cervoni to name it the “Swiss Military Tea Knife”.

A pineapple

Pineapple comprises a pure enzyme known as bromelain that helps with digestion. It does this by breaking down the proteins within the meals passing via your physique, which principally improves your capacity to digest it.

By the best way, bromelain is so efficient at softening robust meals that additionally it is used as a meat softener.

Papaya provides related anti-bloating properties with one other enzyme, papain.


Let’s begin with a fundamental reality: Watermelon is over 90% water, which suggests sucking on a slice may help you keep hydrated sufficient to eliminate bloating. (Need to get inventive with watermelon? Take a look at these three recipes.)


Suppose watermelon has plenty of H2O? Properly, that is nothing in comparison with celery. These inexperienced stems are roughly 95% water. Celery additionally provides a wholesome dose of fiber, making it a win-win, based on Cervoni.

As an added bonus, celery additionally comprises a sugar alcohol often known as mannitol, which softens stools and has a laxative impact. (Fast Reality: Oral mannitol is commonly used to cleanse the bowels earlier than colonoscopy.)


A real meals heavyweight with regards to water content material? These could be cucumbers, that are 96% water. It will assist flush out digestive issues brought on by dehydration.


There is a motive folks have used ginger for hundreds of years to deal with abdomen upset: it really works. The spice relaxes the intestines and likewise breaks down proteins utilizing the enzyme zingibain.


An apple a day can relieve … nicely, constipation. The fruit comprises pectin, a gel-like fiber that helps the digestive system to take care of regular functioning.


Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries are excessive in fiber. Every additionally has a comparatively excessive water content material, which ought to assist with hydration. (Professional tip: Additionally they go nicely with the following merchandise on the checklist.)


There’s such a factor as “good” micro organism, and they are often present in your physique … and in yogurt. Consuming yogurt replenishes your physique with probiotics, which assist digest meals and keep a wholesome intestine microflora.

Fermented meals

Curious about probiotics for bloating however not a yogurt lover? No worries. There are different choices, together with fermented meals, similar to:

  • Kefir.
  • Kimchi.
  • Kombucha.
  • Sauerkraut.

One other tip for avoiding bloating

Consuming proper is essential to forestall bloating, however consuming SLOWLY can be essential, Cervoni says. In the event you swallow meals, plenty of air can enter your abdomen, which might trigger a ballooning sensation.

Swallowing carbonated drinks can have the identical impact as if all these bubbles hit your abdomen.

Last thought

Reduction or elimination of this bloating sensation usually comes down to 1 factor – common pooping. “This isn’t a joke,” says Cervoni. “You all the time really feel higher after you cough.”

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