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Flippy, the quick meals robotic who makes French fries within the White Citadel, bought an improve

The brand new and improved Flippy 2 system helps defend restaurant staff from sizzling oil.

Miso Robotics

You possibly can’t maintain an excellent robotic. Flippy, a hamburger flipping robotic that was (quickly) suspended from work for cooking meat pies too shortly, is taking new steps within the restaurant business. On Tuesday, Miso Robotics introduced a sleeker and extra unbiased model of the robotic: Flippy 2.

White Citadel’s burger chain took the unique Flippy for a fry-cooking take a look at drive at one in all their Chicago institutions, and Miso Robotics used the suggestions from this pilot program to enhance its machine. “Flippy 2 takes over the whole frying station and handles greater than double the cooking duties of the earlier model, together with basket filling, emptying and returning,” Miso Robotics stated in a press release.

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Flippy 2 is part of the robotic kitchen revolution, which involves handing over the work of cooking to machines, including others. designed to behave like home cooks

The elder Flippy needed a couple of people to help him on either side of where he was working on the hot oil. Flippy 2 is more independent and uses AI to identify food (like fries, onion rings, or chicken legs). He then takes a basket of food, fries it for the right amount of time, and places it in the storage area to keep warm.

The new robot is smaller, easier to clean and faster than its predecessor. Miso views Flippy 2 as an employee who does potentially dangerous frying work and frees people up for other tasks.

Flippy 2 and robots like it could become more common in fast food restaurants, especially if the US continues to have a labor shortage. Miso even has a robot that creates wings. Want to guess its name?

This is Flippy Wings, but you can call it “Wingy” for brevity.

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