Special VIP Member

Special VIP Member

Special VIP Member

Special VIP Privileges, Because you are special !



Experience Exclusivity Like None Other
Special Promotions, Gifts and Rebates – More than you expect!

As Malaysia’s most innovative and all-inclusive online gaming website, BK8 never stops trying to give members the best. From game options to service standards, BK8 provides the latest and the finest.

To take it up a notch, BK8 is introducing an exclusive VIP program designed to give loyal members more reasons to continue trusting us as their entertainment provider. The five tiers that form the backbone of BK8 VIP Program are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond. As a BK8 VIP member, you will receive exclusive offers, gifts, and bonuses as well as priority services – Everything you need to have a remarkable gaming experience. Special rates on rebates and tier upgrade bonuses might give you just what you need to achieve your gaming goals!

The purpose of having a tier-based program is to give members the incentives needed to upgrade progressively. Although we encourage members to achieve VIP tier requirements and keep moving up, our focus is always on members’ satisfaction, especially VIP members. Because your satisfaction is our main concern.


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